Saturday, 19 December 2009

Art of Photography: Project 18

Project 18 still focused on points as 16 & 17 had, but where as they focused on single points this is about having two points in the image.

When a single point is in the image with nothing else the composition is created by the relationship between the point and the frame, so placement of the point in the frame is all important.

However when there are two points in the frame the composition is created by the relationship between those two points. I learnt that the mind usually has a stronger focus on one of the points, maybe because it is larger or nearer the centre of the frame. The positioning of the points and their size can either balance or unbalance the composition.

On the day I took the images it was very cold and there wasn't much opportunity to capture two points in an image, so the pictures are not great but I still learnt the idea's behind the project.

Here I believe the composition is fairly hard to resolve as both points are in a similar position in the frame and the eye moves between the two, however as the dog is slightly nearer the centre and motion is implied, attention is drawn there a little more.

This is a good example of how the relationship between points can balance the composition. One duck is nearer to the centre of the frame, larger in the frame, and more in focus, so although the viewer sees both ducks attention is drawn to the male.

We were also asked to take an image of a pair of eyes at equal distance from the centre of the frame, and equal size, to see how this can make an uncomfortable position as the viewer cannot resolve the composition.

The mind cannot decide between the two eyes and is not drawn to either. Here I believe the bridge of the nose is also 'dividing' the image.

I also captured a similar image of ducks, where they were both the same size and distance from the centre of the frame. I decided to include it as another example as I believe it shows the same idea as the eye picture.

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