Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Art of Photography: Project 16

Project 16 & 17 focus on 'Points', how they are positioned in the frame and how they divide the frame.

I have learnt that a 'point' is a focal point in the frame which drawers the viewers attention. The smaller an object or subject is in the frame, the more it can be considered a point. Points can also divide the frame so their placement and focus can have a big impact on composition.

For project 16 I had to choose 6 pictures I have already taken with 'points' and look at their placement and how they divide the frame. Also, a point can have a sense of movement depending on its position and relation to the edge of the frame.

The positioning of the gull here gives a very slight sense of movement into the frame, which I think aids the view that the gull is 'gliding'.

Similar to the gull, their is a larger divide on the right of the image which helps to show the heron heading into the picture and movement to the right. The higher and further right placement makes the heron appear higher in the sky and perhaps moving faster.

I like this picture simply because I remember how fast the ducking was shooting across the water to reach his mum. It was almost like he was gliding on top of the water. Here the duckling in centered horizontally in the frame which I felt helped show the direct route 'through' the water to his goal.

Being an early picture (before I started the course) this one didn't have too much thought for composition and the subject could have been placed better.

This earlier image of a Poppy shows how when a subject gets larger it is less of a point. Also the point is very near to the centre of the frame and doesn't add much to the composition of the photograph.

The placement of the point to the right and higher in the frame, together with the trails, show the subject heading off out of the frame and downstream. The large and uninteresting divide to the left, however, I feel is probably too big and ruins the photograph.

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