Thursday, 19 August 2010

Art of Photography: Project 31

Project 31 is an ongoing study in colour, to build a library of photographs capturing colour. The reason for doing this is to start to analyze and recognize colours, to learn about colours and develop a 'colour sense'.

As such I will post the pictures I have captured now, and continue to add more at later dates.

I liked looking for the many different types of green.

Here I was looking at the relationship between these two colours.

These three pinks are all the same colour with different exposures!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Art of Photography: Project 30

This project is the first of section 4, which looks at colour. The first project is to learn about how exposure can be used to change, or how it can effect, the brightness of colours. The images below were taken all taken at f/8 ISO200 at 100mm, and the shutter speed was changed for each to change exposure. The shutter speeds used were 1/90 sec, 1/125 sec, 1/180 sec, 1/250 sec and 1/350 sec and are displayed below in that order.

Looking at the variation in colour above, you can clearly see the huge difference in colour from varying exposures! I can honestly say I was not aware of just how much difference it could make before this project!

Of course this means that if you want to capture a colour accurately, the exposure will have to be correct to best represent the true colour you see. As will any brightness and contrast adjustments etc. Of course this makes total sense and seems obvious, but before now I might not have given this the consideration it deserves. For example I can remember having captured scenes where I had exposed for the best levels across the whole scene, and later wondered why the colours were duller than I had remembered. Now I can see that perhaps the exposure wasn't as good for those colours and didn't represent them accurately. This then brings in to question things such as, if the colour is of high importance maybe the exposure should be set for that, and the rest of the scene lit to match/correct for that exposure. All these things I have not considered before, and I am very glad that I have learnt and can now understand better.