Wednesday, 29 July 2009


I've already put some idea's down in my sketchbook. One isn't very good really, about reversing the colours on a landscape scene so everything is upside down.

The other however, I believe could make a striking picture. My fiance has Alopecia and wears a wig. I have seen the image so many times that it is normal to me, but for others I believe it would have some impact. I was sitting on the bed reading about the course and sketchbooks and feeling creative, and I saw the scene and jotted it down. An image of my fiance from behind, sitting on the stool at her dressing table fixing her hair, but her hair is on a stand next to her. I imagine it in black and white, with light streaming in from a window on the right.

Ideas and scrapbooks

I have not even started the main course yet, only just finished reading the student guide and booklets, and have already benefited.

One of the course leaflets is about sketchbooks and learning logs. At first I thought maybe the sketchbooks didn't apply to photographers, and maybe for some it doesn't, but I do enjoy drawing as well (although I might not be very good) and so I thought it might be a good idea to have one.

I have already found that it will be really good for putting ideas down for future photographs. I sometimes have ideas about what might make interesting pictures but before now these might have just passed by and be forgotten, where as now I can jot down or sketch my idea for another time. See, I've learnt something already.

Photography 1: Art of Photography

Just about to start my course and I'm really looking forward to it. After taking up photography about eight months ago I have been out every day with my camera and learning techniques and ideas from various magazines and books. I really hope this course can help me to develop my photography both technically and creatively. I feel I am already quite crative but tend not to express it as much as I could, probally because i fear what people will think? I hope the course will be a good opportunity to express myself more.