Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Art of Photography: Project 17

For project 17 I had to capture three images with a 'Point', having a reason for it's placement in the frame.

Here I chose to place the point small and bottom left in the frame to show the expansiveness of the sky and movement of the plane into it.

Placement here is not so good with hindsight, but it is placed near to the golden section, and I still like the image for a slight feeling of serenity it gives.

This is placed on the golden section as well. After taking this image I realised something that made me laugh. That this is the kind of area I usually place bows when I wrap presents, and that the lines showing the divide would be the same position as ribbon. This made me think of how the golden section is meant to be appealing visually, even sub-consciously, that I did this before I even started photography, and that many other people place it like this too.

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