Friday, 9 October 2009

Art of Photography: Project 15

This project was about cropping, and looking at images already taken in a new way, to be able to see potential images within an image or improvements to an image. Of course it is always better to get a picture right 'in camera' if possible, but sometimes unwanted things can creep into a shot which weren't noticed, or with hindsight better compositions can be seen.

I am already used to cropping to remove unwanted elements etc, but to look at images in new ways is interesting. I also find I sometimes like to crop pictures into shapes other than the standard 3:2 frame such as square crops or longer rectangles. However whilst many like or don't mind this, some people seem to frown on it :( , it's also harder to buy frames that fit at the shops of course :) .

Here I chose to crop the image to focus more on the Cormorant than on the river. Of course with a larger crop like this the cropped image quality is significantly reduced, especially on my camera which is only 12 Megapixels.

Here I've cropped out all of the detail from the left and part of the top of the original image, to focus purely on the road and traffic.

Here I cropped for an even tighter frame of the Swan. It felt to me like it made an intriguing image which provides strong eye contact with the Swan. It also removed much of the background from the picture.

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