Thursday, 29 October 2009

Art of Photography: Assignment 1 - Idea for Black/White

I have had an idea for another category, Black/White. I may try and include this so I have 11 to choose from for my final eight.

I would like to try and capture two face portraits, one of a black person and another white. However I would like them to have make-up of the opposite colour covering their face, but with an open neck included in the image showing their natural skin tone. Both would be captured with a confused or inquisitive facial expression.

Obviously this is a little controversial and I would like it to make people think. I want to try and show people of one skin tone trying to be another and wondering why. Why should there be any emotion or consequence of someone being a particular skin tone at all? Why should someone wish to be something other than how they were born to feel content, accepted, welcome, equal? I personally see all people as the same and 'one race' and feel upset and angry with how much of an issue this still is today. If I can make these images I would hope they might make some people ask themselves the same questions.

I was inspired with this idea by a program I watched with my fiance recently which looked at how many Asian people wish to lighten their skin tone, and how lighter skin is seen as 'more beautiful' to some. The program asked the same questions, why should they wish to lighten their skin? and why not be happy with how you were born? The program was called 'Make Me White' (from BBC site: Anita Rani looks into the world of skin-lightening cosmetics in the Asian community) and can currently be watched on BBC iPlayer for anyone who missed it.

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