Thursday, 15 October 2009

Art of Photography: Assignment 1 Idea's

I have really enjoyed this first assignment and I haven't even taken a photograph yet! The assignment is to take images with contrasting subjects/idea's from selected categories. 8 pairs of photographs showing 8 different categories, and one final photograph showing both contrasts of a category in one image.

I usually go out and take photographs of what I see, so sitting down and planning photographs, thinking of idea's and compostions, has been totally different to what I have done before and a lotof fun.

Here I've listed the rough idea's exactly as I wrote them down in a notebook, good and bad.

Heavy/light - scales old style, one side weights stacked, other side a feather, but the feather weighs down scales...

High - someone stood on top of a hill looking over a view, 'feel tall'.
Low - big building 'looming over' small person.

Thick/thin - obese? skinny?

Much/little - poor person, rich person. Poor person has loving family, rich person is alone.

Hard/soft - two sides of a personality? Army, boxer, security, doorman etc, working then at home with child.

Liquid/solid - water droplets, ice. Wall reflected in water.

Sweet - person with sweets/bowl of sweets, bright colours, pink background, soft lighting.

Sweet - peppers or 'sour' things wrapped in sweet wrappers with pink background, bright colours etc.

Curved - a curved silhouette of something, body?

Smooth/rough - abstract face portrait. Smooth womans, rough - mens stubble. B&w, opposite angles.

Sweet/sour - sweet fruit, one peeled, something sour inside.

Long - tree looking up from ground level.
Short - tree from above perspective.

Still/moving - still - something stationary with other things moving & blurred behind it. Moving - same subject blurred moving with stationary background. Still - wessex way from bridge with no cars. Moving - night shot same angle blurred lights.

Diagonal/rounded - street sign macros, half frame, circle and triangle with something in background.

Sweet/sour - candy peppers, sweets that look like sour things, glaze reflecting light, still life macro.

Diagonal/round - twisty candle macro from above & side.

Large/small - small elephant, large mouse.

Many/few - candle mirror at angle = 2 or 3 candles, candle mirror head on = many.

Black/white or light/dark - black - silhouetted object, light background. White - white or light object, black background.

Black/white - interesting macro subject, one silhouette with white background, one white subject with black background - interesting lighting.

Still/moving - child on swings, movement blur, sharp at top - bright sunny happy. Still - empty swing? wanting to be played on - dark wet? dull colours.

Diagonal/rounded - diagonal - abstract shot football goal, ball flying in net, players behind, viewed from back of goal. Rounded - action shot, football main focus.

Still/moving - still - football & boots/player, ground level, lots of detail from ball boots & grass. Moving - action shot when playing.

Strong/weak - strong tree trunk, autumn colours. Weak - decaying tree.

Hard/soft - something with hard shell, soft inside like eggs, but how to make it interesting?

Smooth/rough - rough outer, smooth inner, like fruit.

Diagonal/rounded - unusual flower macros.

Still/moving - still - misty autumn morning. Moving - windy, leaves flying.

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