Thursday, 15 October 2009

Art of Photography: Assignment 1 Final Idea's

I chose one photograph idea to contain both sides of a contrast category, and ten pairs of photograph ideas to show ten categories. Only eight are needed but I decided this way I can do all ten and then pick the eight best ones to submit.

Heavy/light - Both in one photograph

Old style balance scales, one has stacked weights and the other has a feather. The feather is heaviest and weighs down scales. Weights could potentially be white or light colour and feather dark colour to try and alter perceptions of the objects mass, but this depends on if I am able to paint the weights (e.g. if I borrow the scales from someone I couldn't paint the weights).

The image will be taken using a home studio and macro lens. I may try with both a dark and light background to see which works best. I envisage the image as having the scales slightly angled with the feather side closer to the lens, looking slightly bigger, and maybe the weights slightly out of focus, but again I will see what works best when taking the image.

Strong/weak - 2 photographs

Strong - autumn setting in woods with vivid colours making use of time of year. Main focus is a strong healthy tree trunk (large), slightly to the right of image centre.

Weak - a duller, possibly wet, image of a dying, decaying or dead tree.

Many/few - 2 photographs

Few - still life, image of candles, dimly lit and atmospheric.

Many - candles with mirrors to look like many candles. I will try to find an interesting shape or composition for the image to improve the concept.

High/low - 2 photographs

High - a person (dressed in hiking gear?) stood atop a hill, looking out over a view. Try to compose the shot to appear high up. Person is located in left of frame. Idea is to try and give a sense that the person feels high up.

Low - another (same?) person but this time small in the frame, looking up at a very tall, large, imposing building or structure. Person either small in the frame next to building, possibly making building look like its leaning over them, or taken over their shoulder so it feels like viewer is looking up with them.

Long/short - 2 photographs

Long - a tall and interesting tree, no leaves (to make it look taller?), shot in a vertical frame from very low ground level to make it look tall. Possibly black and white.

Short - a very small (maybe Bonsai) tree in the bottom left of the frame, at ground level, with shoes and legs of a person in the right of the frame so tree looks tiny. Utilising Golden Section in composition.

Large/small - 2 photographs

Large - an extreme close-up macro of an insect or animal (probably insect) showing detail of an area of the subject, filling the frame.

Small - the same subject but zoomed out to show its environment and how small it is.

Hard/soft - 2 photographs

Two sides of a personality.

Hard - doorman, suit and headset, arms folded, mean looking, angry, big. Composed so people approaching the door look small.

Soft - same person, at home, relaxed clothes, holding a baby or child with a big smile on his face. On sofa, shot from raised angle to look smaller.

This may prove a difficult idea but I believe it would be good if I could do it. Both black and white, or colour in the second image to feel softer.

Still/moving - 2 photographs

Moving - Child on swing. Motion blur showing movement throughout arc of swing, possibly still of happy child at top of swing overlaid if allowed. Sunny day, bright colours, happy feel.

Still - swing at same angle, empty and still, dull and dark colours, possibly rain. Wants to be played on.

Smooth/rough - 2 photographs

Abstract face portraits, dimly lit except for side of face.

Smooth - woman's face, smooth skin texture.

Rough - mans face with stubble. Rough texture, opposite side to woman's.

Both pictures in black and white to focus on texture. Both same lighting and both macro to show lots of detail in the texture.

Diagonal/rounded - 2 photographs

Both themed on football.

Diagonal - The diagonal goalpost and netting filling most of the frame, to the left, and in focus. Slightly out of focus players and ball in background. Ball possibly hitting net.

Rounded - focus and composition based on the football, centre right and foreground. Heading towards or past camera. Blurred players in background looking at ball.

Both these shots in rain may add extra interest, i.e. wet ball, water droplets, wet netting. However, I would need extra lighting for fast shutter speeds.

I am also unsure of how well the diagonal idea fits with the category.

Liquid/solid - 2 photographs

Liquid - macro shot of a water droplet hitting and bouncing off a flower. Nice lighting and fast shutter speed to capture water splash.

Solid - same flower frozen in ice.

So I have all my idea's and now I can go and photograph them :D

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