Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Art of Photography: Assignment 1 - Large/Small

I have been trying to complete this category for some time. It was one of the simpler idea's, a macro close up shot of an interesting subject to make it look 'large' and a contrasting shot showing it's actual size.

The problems I had were that I wanted to photograph an insect or small animal and at this time of year there are far less around. The weather has been bad also, and although I went out looking several times I wasn't having any luck. I also needed to find something which would be okay for the 'small' image, as when getting a close up macro of something and showing detail which is not normally seen it is easier to create an interesting image, but the same subject much smaller in the frame may be boring. For example I did have a good photograph of some toadstools where I laid on the ground and got in close, resulting in a lot of detail and toadstools that looked as big as trees. However, I tried to photograph the contrasting 'small' image and found that small toadstools surrounded by mud didn't really make a good picture!

I had more luck today though and managed to complete the category. I had been looking for spiders and found a tree with dead wood. Removing some of the bark uncovered a lot of creepy crawlies and one very large spider. It was difficult to photograph however as I had to try and get the camera and tripod in amongst lots of other branches and consequentially I couldn't photograph the spider as I might have liked. I couldn't get a clear angle to show as much detail as I wanted. I also had to use a high ISO in the dark woods, to try and increase shutter speed to get a sharp image, which meant there was more noise in the final image. I am fairly happy with what I achieved though.

For the 'small' photograph I faced the same problem as before, trying to make an interesting image. So I tried to find an angle and composition to improve the image and settled on two intersecting branches at diagonals in the frame and selective depth of field, with the spider in the right of the frame.


Image taken at f/5, 0.6 sec, ISO-1600 and 100mm.


Image taken at f/11, 0.6 sec, ISO-800 and 100mm.

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