Monday, 23 November 2009

Art of Photography: Assignment 1 - Hard/Soft

I enjoyed doing this category as well as the Black/White category. It was the first time I have both photographed and worked with people so it was a learning experience.

I believe my idea to show two sides of a personality or character worked out quite well. However, I would have prefered a more stern expression for the 'hard' photograph. This is one of the things I have learnt from the experience, that when working with people you need to be direct about what you want, where as I probably didn't explain or give direction as well as I could have.

For the 'hard' image we set up in front of a doorway to shoot a doorman scene. We had to ask the real security guard for permission! It was raining quite heavily and I was trying to work the camera under a waterproof covering, and I was also concious of keeping everybody standing in the rain for too long, so I felt rushed. I feel I could have done better if I relaxed and took my time but again this was all part of the learning experience for me. I was still pleased with the image and liked the doormans reflection in the glass. Though again I could have lined this up a little better with more time and focus.

I was also pleased with how the 'soft' image turned out. At the time I thought it might not be as good as I had imagined as I felt the couch used could have been better, and we had to use a toy baby. However, I set up the camera to shoot from above the couch, arranged the flash guns to try and achieve some interesting lighting, and tried to find an interesting composition. Overall I was pleased with what I had managed to do and the final image.

Both images were taken in colour and converted to black and white later so that I had more control over the tones.

I feel both photographs convey what I had hoped. That one side of this persons character is a doorman and has to be tough, hardened. Whilst the other is a soft, caring and loving father.


Image taken at f/3.5, 1 sec, ISO-100 and 20mm.


Image taken at f/3.5, 1/100 sec, ISO-100 and 18mm.

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