Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Art of Photography: Project 8

Whilst taking pictures for project 7 from a bridge over a river I noticed some ducks and rocks below and thought about trying to get some nice pictures from there. This then became the idea for project 8, which is to capture a sequence of images from the first thought about an idea through to the final image.

I spotted the ducks and reeds from the bridge.

Then I spotted the rocks and thought I might be able to find an interesting image.

Another image of the rocks taken from the bridge.

So then I went down to river level for a closer look.

Another at river level.

I liked the way the light reflected off the surface and the different shapes and colours created as it flowed around the rocks so I decided to try and capture it.

A first attempt at capuring the light on the water.

A swan was very interested in what I was doing and came over to say hello.

I tried a couple of the rocks but they weren't very interesting.

Another of the rocks.

I noticed some interesting patterns on the bridge side and tried photographing that.

I put the Circular Polarizing filter on the camera and tried some photos to show beneath the water.

This image of reeds was also taken with the Circular Polarizing filter attached.

I took some more photos of the swan :D

From this sequence I didn't really get one definitive photo which I liked the best and I don't think any of them were great, but it was good as an opportunity to follow the creative process. The ones which I like most of the river are below, where I captured the patterns of light and water as it flowed over the rocks.

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