Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Art of Photography: Project 11

Choosing a selection of my images to look for balance in a photograph was actually quite hard, since until recently many of my photographs have had the subject central in the frame, and because I usually take wildlife photos so it'soften isolated subjects.

I did however understand what I learnt about subjects in the frame and placement to 'balance' the photo, and feel I will be able to use the knowledge in the future.

The first image I chose was quite easy to show balance, with the large subject i.e. the scenery, offset by the small subject towards the edge of the frame.

In the second photo I felt that the background takes up much of the frame and all of the left of the frame, but that the Water Measurer (the insect) on the right side balances the picture.

Here I thought that the left flower is slightly larger in the frame but the right flower almost equals it, being slightly more offset.

Similar to the flowers above, these are almost equally balanced with just a slight offset.

Here the balance is easier to see again, with the butterfly being larger and more prominent in the frame, and the flower placed nearer to the edge.

Finally, I felt the bush/tree took up a lot of room at the bottom of the frame but the Starlings at the top are more central so I felt they were quite evenly balanced.

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