Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Art of Photography: Project 27

After rectangles and triangles, this project focused on circles. I learnt that circle can be harder to find, and when used in photography they are the tightest and most compact and enclosing of all the shapes, imposing more structure on the image than triangles or rectangles. An example was provided and it was clear to see that the circular plate in the example drew the viewers eye towards it and away from any surrounding detail.

For the project I produced four pictures showing real and implied circles.

I found a circular shape created by surrounding foliage. The shape together with the focus and depth of field draws the eye to the lake in the background.

Although I didn't manage to get a sharp image of this bumblebee, it still provided an example of an implied circle.

An example of a real circle.

This final image falls somewhere between real and implied circles, but provides a good example of how circles draw the eye, with the smaller circles in the centre of the flower also drawing attention.

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