Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Art of Photography: Project 23

After horizontal, vertical, diagonal lines and curves, this project focused on implied lines. Implied lines are those which are not complete or obvious but which the brain judges and resolves to make into lines. Imaginary lines.

As with the other projects on this subject, I enjoyed learning about this and hope to be able to retain the knowledge and put it into use. I particularly like implied lines as they can be used to direct a viewers gaze and attention to parts of an image, but in subtle and hidden ways.

For this project I had to find and photograph two examples of this in use.

This picture uses a line extension, where only part of a line is used but the viewers eye follows the direction of the line to a point of interest.

This image uses an eye-line, where the viewer follows the direction of someones gaze in the photograph.

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